Please, come in!

Please, come into this small place in the great heart of Ortigia. It is’a tavern called the Gazza Ladra (the Magpie).

Don't worry for the name, we are not the thiefs of via Cavour. the only jewels that interest to us are the presents of the earth, the sea, the sky: local agreeable vegetables , the wriggle blue of the fish, the good traditional stars that guide navigation of our recipes in the ups and downs tides of the Moon pots.

Our cookery is sober like the light that delive the suffering of the cooking in the luminous plates of the simplicity.

 Osteria Gazza Ladra Siracusa
 osteria la gazza ladra_siracusaFood is not wounded here, but it rises again  happy on to colored palettes of the good taste. You can find it in the variegated mosaic of our buffet, tempting to the first desire to eating with the eyes, and in front of the beautiful display window everybody says: "Is there anything good today?”.

Come here when you want a wine glass or only chatting  with the innkeeper and the cook, Marcello and Maria Grazia,  too. They have characterized this small tavern as a great place of hospitality. This is a place of exchanges and commutation, where local people, eating and drinking, begin to travel, and the travellers can finally stay and find their seat at the local food's community table, that speaks, thinks, and digests into twisting maze of Ortigia.

Please come into this small place, here you can remember the eternal popular childhood: “Something to drink, something to eat and after all together to the sea!"